Solving the cyber skills challenge


Cybersecurity expertise is both essential and scarce. Businesses commonly struggle with hiring, onboarding and retaining cyber professionals with the right skills. But you can access the top cybersecurity talent to protect your business now and into the future, without breaking the bank.

Download our whitepaper to learn how businesses are using a new model to gain access to the skills they need without spiralling overheads, delays or the fear that new hires will be lured away.


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Key Takeaways

This whitepaper will help you to tackle the cyber skills challenge, by arguing that:

  • Many businesses lack the expertise and man-hours in-house to protect themselves from modern cybersecurity threats.
  • Hiring and onboarding the right cybersecurity professionals can be an expensive, lengthy process, and there is no guarantee of retention.
  • Collaborative partnering with cybersecurity specialists is delivering a new model for accessing cyber skills and transferring value and knowledge to the in-house team to set-up new processes and manage risks in the future.