How to enable security without compromise


In this fast-paced market, DevOps has become the go-to method for businesses looking to develop new applications and updates in a rapid, responsive, and iterative way.

However, the methodology, as revolutionary as it has been, can lead to grave security risks.

To maintain this speed without sacrificing safety, further integration is needed: DevOps must become DevSecOps.


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Key Takeaways

This whitepaper will help you to upgrade the protection of your business’ DevOps environment, or build a new DevOps capability in a secure way, by demonstrating:

  • The security risks inherent in a standard DevOps approach.
  • How high-profile businesses have already fallen foul of these risks.
  • What organisations need to do to enable a DevSecOps environment that embeds security into development, without compromising on speed and adaptability.