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Are you the  weakest link?


As the face of the business, and with access to privileged data, senior executives are now the top target for corporate cybercrime. Cybersecurity responsibility is now an integral part of their job role.

Many professionals see cybersecurity exclusively as the remit of the IT team. But as company data continues to spread across a variety of clouds, managed service providers, and employee devices, security has become the responsibility of everybody.

Download our whitepaper to learn how you might actually be the chink in your organisation’s armour – and how to protect yourself and your business against the risk.


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Key Takeaways

This whitepaper will help you to recognise the less anticipated threats to your organisation’s data security, and learn how to tackle them by investigating how:

  • Senior executives often provide a weak point in an organisation’s systems.
  • Security vulnerabilities are exacerbated by the features of Industry 4.0, such as remote working, the hyperconvergence of big data and the move towards more distributed, cloud-based infrastructure, all of which makes every person in the business responsible for IT security.
  • As the biggest target for cyberattacks and the example-setters of the business, senior executives must lead the way to a culture of informed, ‘security-first’ practices to protect their organisation from increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.